Anna Kate Grady. A fabulous human and a fascinating friend. She has traveled the earth, shadowed world-famous surgeons, and lives a life of hilariousness. We met in suburbia during our teenage years and though we were in different graduating classes, we found solace in a friendship based on the mutual agreement that we were only trying to be ourselves. We've spent many moments contemplating the beauty around us and coming to terms with the fact that life is hard sometimes and things hardly ever go as planned. Through all the heartbreak, lost dreams, and new dreams found, we've learned to laugh and treasure the ridiculous moments because we are lucky enough to believe in a purpose and a plan that is bigger than ourselves.  Anna is going to be a doctor, and I can't wait :) but first a year of travel, discovery, and purpose finding. Which, in my opinion, we all need. Anna and I took these photos to celebrate all the good things coming and because Anna is going to do something really cool with them.  I'm excited and can't wait to share the finished collaboration. I think this was the start to a lot more studio work for me. I enjoy the honesty and the simplicity of the studio setting. Also, I loved playing with the combination of B & W and color photos. As a photographer, it is always a challenge to choose between the two, so it was nice to take it back to my fine art photography roots and play with some pairings. Hope you enjoy:)



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