Some of my dear friends got engaged a few weeks back and I just have to share! They are the absolute sweetest. They care deeply and patiently for others and for each other. They are excellent in everything they do, together and apart. They each set an example for everyone around them in how to walk in kindness, intentionality, and love. As you can see, I admire them a whole lot:) 

AJ told me about his plan to propose to Danielle about a month in advance. He said that their two year anniversary was coming up and that he thought it would be the perfect time to propose at their favorite spot, under this giant magnolia tree:) This is the place where AJ had asked Danielle to be his girlfriend. He carved the question into branch so they had always been able to come back and see it :)

The big day rolled around and Danielle was in town from Birmingham to spend the weekend with AJ and his mom. They went to see Beauty and the Beast, and then AJ suggested that they go have a picnic at their favorite spot, under the magnolia tree. He told Danielle that his mom would meet them there with all the picnic supplies, so they could just head over. 

She had no idea what was really going on until AJ literally said “Dan we are not actually having a picnic.” haha. She was so surprised, which made it the most fun:) Their closest friends and family soon emerged from a creek bed close by where they were watching from afar, so sneaky:) 

After all this sweetness, we got to go celebrate at the most fabulous engagement part there ever was! I love these two and getting to capture these moments. Congrats to the best of the best <3

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