HeLLO friends


I’m Madalynn.

I love rich colors and romantic dresses and flower arrangements that look like paris in spring. I love holding my people close, and cherishing today like it’s the sweetest moment we’ll get. We are alive, and this gift should be celebrated with dancing and hugs and kisses and declarations of joy. These are things that fill my everyday and what I aim to fill my work with. 

There is so much beauty in front of us, little pockets of time and space just waiting to be discovered. While no single artform will ever be able to document these moments in full, I’ve found a sweetness in what can be captured with moving pictures and still frames.

Collaboration is what made me fall in love with photography. It’s always been about people—coming alongside of them, breathing life into their dreams, documenting how they uniquely inhabit their moments and love their people.

I believe humans are wired for celebration and that celebration comes from an outpouring of gratitude-drenched love. 

You are rare, and your story is captivating. Let’s tell it.


documenting the joy







that’s woven into our humanity